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Dr. Pursch wrote a weekly column, Dry Doc, that was syndicated by the Los Angeles Times for over 13 years. Some of these have been re-edited and are available for download.



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1) Are You Dating a Future Alcoholic?

2) Where Addiction and Mental Illness Intersect

3) Help for Impaired Lawyers

4) Some Hard Questions for People Who Drink

5) Partners of Drug Addicts/Alcoholics Also Need Help

6) Dependency as a Family Values Problem

7) Repetition-Compulsion is the Core of Addiction

10) How Do You Offer a Recovering Alcoholic a Drink?

12) 'Recreational' Marijuana Use May Become an Addiction

13) Your College Binge Drinking May Haunt You

14) Studies Validate Combined Treatment Approach

16) Look for a Deeper Meaning When Addicts Offer Excuses

17) The Alcoholic Employee Problem

18) Co-Dependency Persists in Many Relationships

19) A Test to Tell if You are Really an Alcoholic

20) Recovering Alcoholics Can Play a Key Role in Educating Doctors

21) With Friends Like These, an Alcoholic Needs No Enemies

22) How You Become an Alcoholic

23) High, Dry and Shaky on an Overseas Flight

24) Drinking Dreams - A Nightmare and a Reminder

25) The Dream Factor in Recovery

26) What's the Cause of Fire Deaths?

27) Your Face and Skin Show Your Alcoholism

29) The Three-Martini Lunch

30) Relapse Dreams Reflect Recovery

31) Of Sausages and DUI's

32) "Romancing the Drug" Causes Relapse

33) Seducing a Compulsive Into Recovery

34) AA Slogans Can Harm Recovery

35) How AA Meetings Can Affect a Relapsing Drinker

36) Alcoholic Amnesia? A "Morning After" Guessing Game

37) Different Addictions Share Common Threads